Staying Grounded

Staying Grounded

Sharing my experience on how to stay grounded in the chaos that comes with uprooting and making life changes with my friend Cherie Cox, Professional Organizer.

Moving into a new home is exciting as it is a fresh start and comes with its share of opportunities and challenges.

It brings opportunity to let go of those items that you don’t need anymore. Remember feelings of grief and loss may sneak up on you. In this case, I was leaving a city and community I had known for close to 20 years. The expected loss came through while I was sorting and organizing, packing and decluttering.

Ways that helped me stay grounded included knowing myself and what my needs were. This helped me better prepare and be proactive in giving myself a strong foundation before feelings presented. I knew I needed to keep exercise and healthy eating as part of my regular routine. I made sure to schedule in workouts and keep grocery shopping for healthy food items part of my day-to-day (even though my kitchen was a mess). Items like fresh fruit and vegetables were easy to prepare and eat even in a messy environment.

Something else I did to help combat the stress was allowing. Allowing people to help me whether it was by helping to sort, pack or take items to the trash or to bring me a meal or watch my daughter. This made me feel good and also the people who were doing the helping.

The other type of allowing which was just as important was the allowing the flow of all of the feelings coming up during the preparation for moving. This helped me to stay grounded as it honoured the feelings (rather than repressing them). This allowing was also key for making space for new experiences when moving to a new city.

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