The Joy is in the Journey

The Joy is in the Journey

“The joy is in the journey!”

Author unknown

Am in the midst of a big life transition – moving cities, ramping up my career and redefining life for myself and my beautiful daughter. There’s a lot riding on my choices – this thing called life. Our new home isn’t ready yet and as I scurry and remember to be thankful for all of the support Guelph is providing – it has been challenging.

Feeling frustrated and disgruntled – I wandered through my new, local big box store and found this quote…how eloquent the timing. Thank you universe for the reminder to find the joy in the journey.

Thankful for remembering to be open to receiving this type of message as I was extremely tired and angry about the obstacles presented to me. Obstacles that hold invaluable insights and information about how to better myself and the new life ahead. Choosing to see these obstacles as portals to help the journey rather than hinder.

A perfect example is the new friend I made at the local big box store. She was waiting in line with her 7-year-old daughter and saw I was struggling with parenting my own daughter. She gave me a soft smile of understanding and offered a hand emptying my cart. We started talking and realized we work in similar fields and were both new to the city. We exchanged numbers and made a plan for a play and coffee date. How exciting to have met a kindred spirit. I would have missed this opportunity had I not have had to go to the store so many times.

The joy is in fact in the journey!

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