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Codependency/those dealing with family/loved ones with addiction – codependency defined as looking outside of yourself for happiness or basing your happiness on someone else/their reactions. Do you live or have you ever lived with an addict? I can help you deal with the addiction of living for the addict.

Death & Grief – I offer support before, during and after the death of a loved one. My hope is to support through a difficult time of grief where intense feelings emerge. Everyone’s journey is very personal and I want to help you honour that.

Dying – when we are faced with death, often it is easier to talk with someone who is neutral. I offer assistance in working through all of the feelings that come about during this time in your life. I may also help with those tough discussions with your loved ones – conversations about your boundaries, wishes and feelings. I am also here to help you transition and make a plan about how you would like your final days to go whether you are in a hospital, home or hospice setting. Legacy work may also be a part of this process – what do you want to leave behind for you and your loved ones?

Although I have the above areas of focus, I also provide therapy services to help with other challenges such as:

Addictions – whether it’s to alcohol, sex or drugs or with food, gaming or the Internet, I assist with uncovering the reason these coping mechanisms developed and help to create different ways of dealing with challenges in your life.

Anxiety – understanding the root cause can be the key to decreasing or eliminating anxiety which often presents as nervousness, worry and fear.

Depression – seasonal affective disorder and postpartum depression are the main types of depression I have had experience with.

Loss – life evolves every day. I can assist you through these changes such as loss of a job, relationship, etc.

Relationships – whether it’s your work or personal relationships (including with yourself), I can assist you in improving these by identifying your needs and how to get them met as well as understanding your boundaries and how to set them.

Spiritual Crisis – are you questioning your spirituality or religion or experiencing doubts that involve your bigger life picture? I offer a safe place to look at all of this in a nonjudgmental way.

Phone: 647-971-9680
Guelph, Ontario
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